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How to Replace Text with the SUBSTITUTE Formula in Excel

Sometimes, you need to change text in a systematic way: If you want to replace some text with new text, there are two options. If you only want to do it once, using the Find-and-Replace dialogue is probably the fastest choice. If you want to do it repeatedly or don’t want to mess with your input data, you should try the SUBSTITUTE formula.

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Circular References in Excel: How to Find, solve and Calculate Them

You opened an Excel file and it immediately showed an error message saying that there is a circular reference. What to do now?

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Export From Excel to PowerPoint: 3 Ways (Recommended Reading)

There are many ways to export a table or a chart to PowerPoint. They all have advantages and disadvantages. In the following we’ll take a look of one specific way: Copy as pictures.

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LEN Formula: Get the Number of Characters in Excel

You need to know how many characters does the cell contain?

Precedents and Dependents: Easily Trace Related Cells in Excel

Let’s assume the following situation: You receive an Excel file from your colleague and have to understand it as quickly as possible. How do you start?

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Hide the Gridlines in Excel: 5 Easy Methods

The light grey gridlines are quite useful. They provide a quick impression of the rows and columns of your Excel worksheet. But once you want to create your final layout, they look annoying. Your worksheet looks more professional with hidden gridlines.

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Data Validation in Excel: Restrict Cells to Allow Only Certain Values

Working with other people on the same Excel file can be challenging. Especially when you prepare an Excel workbook and another person has to fill in some data. In such case, you probably want to make sure that only your intended values are possible to enter.

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Easily Highlight Negative Values in Red Color in Excel

A good Excel table provides a quick overview of the most important facts and figures. One way of highlighting important numbers is by using colors. For example, values below zero should stand out.

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Sparklines in Excel: How to Add Small Charts Into Cells

Have you ever seen these tiny graphs within cells and want to use them too? They are called Sparklines and inserting them is quite simple:

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INDIRECT: How to Use Text as a Cell Reference in Excel

You want to get data from different sheets but always on the same cell? INDIRECT returns the value of a cell which you specify by a string. For example, if you write =INDIRECT(“B2”) it’ll give you the value of B2. Instead of just B2, you can also refer to other sheets, for example =INDIRECT(“Sheet1!B2”) or even other workbooks.