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Weekday Name in Excel: Paste This Easy Formula into Excel Cell

You want to know the weekday of a certain date? Excel provides the WEEKDAY formula. The WEEKDAY formula returns the day of the week as a number, for example 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday and so on. You can modify, which weekday starts with one.

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Random Values in Excel: Everything You Should Know (+XLSX-Download)

Sometimes, you want to create random values in Excel. There is a simple formula to generate random numbers: RAND. If you type =RAND() into a cell, you’ll get a number between 0 and 1. So what do you do, if you want to have random number between 20 and 50 for example?

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Goal-Seek in Excel: Get Your Desired Results

You’ve done some calculations in Excel but you aren’t satisfied with the result? So you ask yourself, how you could achieve the desired result. A good starting point for such analysis is the built-in Goal Seek function in Excel. It’s simple to use but yet powerful. On the other side, it does some reverse calculation and therefore has a reputation for cheating in order to achieve the target results.

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Rename Excel Worksheets: Methods, Rules and Recommendations

You have to rename several worksheets in Excel? Renaming a worksheet can be troublesome, especially when you have to double-click on each sheet name separately.

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Select all Pictures in Excel: 5 Easy Methods

When you copy something from a webpage and paste it into Excel, not only the text and numbers are pasted, but also pictures. As often as not, you don’t want to have these images, for example website logos, as they make your Excel file large and hide your data.

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Line Breaks in Excel: Enter, Find and Remove Them Easily

Dealing with text in Excel can be painful as the formatting is limited within Excel cells. One method of organizing text is to add line breaks.

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COUNTIFS in Excel: Everything You Need to Know

The COUNTIFS function works similar like the SUMIFS function. But instead of adding up the values, it counts how many items with one or more criteria are in your table.

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Conditional Formatting in Excel: Background Color and Icon Sets

The “Conditional Formatting” button is hidden in the middle of the Home ribbon in Excel. Nonetheless, Conditional Formatting offers many options for visualizing your data. As the name already says, Excel can format your table depending on one or more conditions.

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Thousands or Millions in Excel: How to Change the Number Unit

When you calculate with large numbers, you might want to only show the values as thousands or millions. Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t offer such option with a single click.

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SUMIFS in Excel: Everything You Need to Know (+Download)

The SUMIFS formula adds up all numbers, when one or more than one criterion is fulfilled. SUMIFS only exists since Excel 2007 and is especially useful, as it can regard several search criteria.