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How to Repeat Rows and Columns on Printouts

When you print a large table, you can select rows or columns which you want to repeat on each page. This way, the data is easier to read as the heading will be printed on each page.

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Data Table to Normal Range: How to Convert an Excel Table

Data Tables were introduced in Excel 2007. They were supposed to simplify the work with data in Excel. But in the reality they often made it more difficult. For example, handling different formulas in the same column is not really possible. Fortunately, you can easily convert a Data Table into a normal range.

How to Avoid Data Loss by Setting a Shorter AutoRecover Period

Probably every Excel user has experienced the following situation: You’ve just finished editing in Excel and during the saving process, Excel crashed. You can’t avoid Excel crashing completely, but you can make sure that the latest possible version of the workbook is saved. Excel provides a AutoRecover function, which saves your Excel table periodically.

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How to Use Advanced Filters in Excel

Besides the normal Filter, there is a advanced Filter in Excel. What does the advanced Filter do?

Separate Text Into Columns in Excel

You have copied data from a large table on a webpage and pasted it in Excel, but the data is only shown in one column instead of a table? Or you simply want to separate names at every space character? These (and many more) problems could be solved with the “Text to Columns” function.

How to Use the OFFSET Formula

The OFFSET formula is a very powerful, but unfortunately not easy to understand formula. It basically refers to another cell or cell range. You specify a starting point (“Reference”) from which you count rows and columns. If the starting point is cell A1 and you tell Excel to count 2 cells to the right and 3 down, it’ll return the reference to cell.

How to Use the TODAY Function

You want to display today’s date? Or you want to check, if a date written in a cell is today? There is an easy formula: =TODAY()

See and Change the Data Source of a Pivot Table in Excel

You receive an Excel workbook with a Pivot Table and don’t know what data it is referring to? Or you have added a column or row to your data and want to adapt the Pivot Table?

How to Only Paste Cells Formats

Formatting an Excel table often takes more time than creating its contents. Borders, background colors, fonts and so on must be set to match your workbook and maybe even company guidelines.

How to Insert Rows and Columns

Let’s enhance your Excel skill with some handy keyboard shortcuts: How to insert a new row (or column) within 1 second without using the mouse?