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How to Get the Week Number in Excel

You might want to use numbers of weeks especially when you create timelines, schedules or calendars. The formula is called WEEKNUM().

How to Save an Excel File Comfortably to PDF

When you save an Excel file to PDF, you usually go to File, Export, Create PDF/XPS and follow the steps. Let’s have a look at how to add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar so that it’s only one click to save PDF, instead of searching through the menus.

How to Use the IF Formula in Excel

The IF formula is very useful in many different cases. It checks if a condition is true and performs defined steps, depending on the result. The IF formula is highly adjustable and can be extended by other formulas easily.

Unhide all rows and columns at once in Excel.

Unhide All Rows or Columns in Excel at the Same Time

Many people love the “Hide” function for hiding rows or columns, as it is very easy to use:

Sort: How to Sort Data in Excel

There are several ways to sort data: Using filters, Pivot Tables or the built in Sort function. The sort function has the advantage that it’s easy to use and can be modified in detail.

Clear All: How to Also Delete Formatting in Excel

The “normal” way to delete the content of a cell is by pressing “Del” on the keyboard. But what if you want to delete the formatting and comments as well?

How to Paste Values Without Formulas in Excel

When you copy and paste cells “the normal way” (Ctrl + c –> Ctrl + v), formulas and formatting is pasted as well. But in many cases, you want to “freeze” the values, so that they can’t be changed any more.

VERY HIDDEN: How to Hide an Excel Sheet.

Very Hidden: How to Hide Worksheets or Set Them to ‘Very Hidden’

There are many worksheets in your workbook, which are old but you are afraid to delete them?

Column Letters Instead of Numbers in Excel

Showing numbers instead of letters of columns can be useful, for example, when you work with VBA macros or when you have to count columns (e.g. VLOOKUP).

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PowerPivot: No More Trouble Working with Big Data in Excel

You got a large amount of data which you want to evaluate in a Pivot Table. In such case, Excel crashes often or gets very slow. You might want to consider using PowerPivot, a free Excel Add-In provided by Microsoft. You can download it from the Microsoft webpage. Once successful installed, you’ll see a new ribbon called “PowerPivot”.