Break Link Tool





No more trouble with links in Excel.




Break all links easily.








Workbook links

Remove all direct links to other workbooks, for example in formulas.


Data Validation Links

Excel doesn't provide the option to remove links from data validation rules. Our Break Link Tool does.


Data Base Connections

Cut data base connections easily.


Cut PivotTable Sources

Convert PivotTables into normal values.


Links in Conditional Formatting Rules

Break links within conditional formatting rules linking to other workbooks.


Named Ranges

Break all links from names referring to other workbooks.

It's very easy.

Excel will get a new button: "Break Links". Just click it and select the link types you would like to remove.

Yes, it's that simple.


Download Professor Excel Break Link Tool now:
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Please note: The Break Link Tool is also part of our large Excel add-in Professor Excel Tools. After the 1 week free trial period, the full licence is 19.99 EUR/USD or the equivalent amount in your currency (once). Check out the final price here.