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Formula Bar Missing in Excel? How to Quickly Get It Back!

You want to check a long function or see the name or reference of a cell? Then you notice that the whole bar, including the formula bar but also the “Name Box” and insert function buttons are missing. Here is how to get everything back with just a click (or two…).

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In a hurry? In Excel, go to View and set the check at “Formula Bar

What is the formula bar in Excel?

The formula bar in Excel.

The formula bar in Excel is the field, in which you can enter and edit formulas, functions or data. It’s located above the sheet content: Between the ribbon and the column headings.

On the left to the formula bar is the “Name Box”, in which you can give names to cells or cell ranges or see the cell address.

Formula Bar in Excel missing? How to get it back!

If the formula bar in Excel is gone (not only the formula bar, but also the entire row including buttons and name box), you can easily show it again.

Therefore, go to the View ribbon. Set the tick at “Formula Bar”. That’s it!

If the formula bar in Excel is missing, go to View and set the tick at “Formula Bar”.

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