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How to See The Current Sheet Number & Total Number of Excel-Sheets

Working with large Excel files with many worksheets can be frustrating. Especially finding things and keeping an overview is troublesome. One (small) feature might come in handy: See the sheet number of the current worksheet and the total number of worksheets. For example, like this: “Sheet 5 / 12”. You can enable this with just a click in the Status Bar.

What the “Sheet Number” feature does

The sheet number feature in Excel does the following:

Display the current sheet number and total number of worksheets in the bottom-left corner of the Excel window.

Availability of the feature in Excel

As of now (August 2021), this feature is not available for everyone. Probably, it will sooner or later be rolled out to every user.

How to see the sheet number and the total number of worksheets

Show the sheet number in Excel by right-clicking on the status bar and then on “Sheet Number”.

After knowing now what this feature does and who can use it, it’s time for activating it:

  1. Right-click on the status bar.
  2. Set the checkmark at “Sheet number”. Again, if you don’t see such entry please read the section above.

That’s it, now you should see something like “Sheet 3 of 12” in the bottom-left corner of the Excel window.


Total number of sheets (and more) in the “Workbook Statistics”

Excel has another function, called “Workbook Statistics”. It shows very similar information (although not the current worksheet number). It is available already on Windows, Mac and the web version of Excel.

You can activate it by right-clicking on the status bar and then on “Workbook Statistics”.

“Workbook Statistics” shows a summary of the Excel file.

Worksheet overview with an Excel Add-In

Because keeping an overview of the workbook is especially for larger Excel files difficult, we have integrated several features into our Excel add-in “Professor Excel Tools”. For example, the “Sheet Manager”, which provides a simple and powerful summary of all your worksheets.

“Professor Excel Tools” has a powerful worksheet manager.

This function is included in our Excel Add-In ‘Professor Excel Tools’

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