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Finalize Excel File: Easy Checklist Before You Share It

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Checklist Finalize Excel Sheets

Before sending out an Excel workbook, there are several things you should check: Are the contents correct? Can you print the workbook? How is the structure and formatting of the worksheets? Are the workbook properties all right? With this article, you’ll get a checklist of the things you should consider when you finalize a workbook. Probably not all items on these lists are applicable for any workbook.

Short version of finalize checklist

We created a short version of the finalize checklist. Whenever you finish working on an Excel workbook – before sharing it with other – you could have a look at it. Usually you would just skip through this list as it is very comprehensive. But some points can be worth double checking.

Check these points before sharing your Excel workbook.

Download as PDF file: Click here

Long version of the finalize checklist

For each item on the checklist, you can find a short description below.

Finalize the contents

Conduct a spell check by pressing F7 on the keyboard
Check for outliers: Is there a valid explanation?

Set up printout preferences

Steps for changing printout headers in footers in Excel

Check the workbook structure

Check the workbook structure: Is it self-explanatory?

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Apply consistent formatting

Define workbook settings

Check the workbook information, for example with the Excel add-in “Professor Excel Tools

Download short version of the finalize checklist as PDF file: Click here.

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