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Installation / Uninstall

Decompression error while installing Professor Excel Tools

Some users have reported a “Decompression Error” while installing Professor Excel Tools.

If such error occurs to you, please use the following way to install Professor Excel Tools (the add-in works exactly the same way as using the installer).



How to uninstall Professor Excel Tools

You want to uninstall “Professor Excel Tools” or any other of our add-ins? First of all: Sorry to see you leave. If you have any comments or feedback, we appreciate a short message to Thank you!

Uninstalling Professor Excel Tools (or any other of our add-ins is quite simple).

  1. Close Microsoft Excel.
  2. Go to “Add or remove programs” in Windows. The fastest way is to press the Windows key and start typing “add or remove programs” until the regarding entry comes up. Alternatively type “Apps & features”.
  3. Now you should see the “Apps & features” window of Windows. Scroll down to “Professor Excel Tools” and click on it.
  4. Click on uninstall.
Uninstall Professor Excel Tools

Everytime I open Excel, it says Professor Excel Add-In can’t be found

Have you deleted or moved the file Professor-Excel-Tools.xlam?

You should do two steps:

  1. Remove the previous link to the add-in. Therefore open Excel, click on ‘File’ –> ‘Options’ –> ‘Add-Ins’. Make sure that ‘Excel Add-Ins’ are selected and click on ‘Go’. You’ll see a list of add-ins. Click on ‘Professor Excel Tools’. You’ll be asked if you want to remove the add-in. Click ‘Yes’.
  2. Add ‘Professor Excel Tools’ again.  You can redownload it from here: Then follow the steps shown in the Quick Install Guide (see download link below).


The ribbon of Professor Excel Tools doesn’t appear

You’ve once seen the ribbon of Professor Excel and after reopening Excel it’s gone?

  • Don’t just double-click on the .xlam file to open it. Use a proper installation, for example with the downloaded setup file (.exe-file) or activate it from with Excel if you have the .xlam-file.
  • Make sure that Excel is closed during the installation with the setup-file (.exe)
  • You still run into problems (e.g. add-in gone with the next start of Excel)? Locate the file on your drive, right click on it and click on “Properties”. In the lower section of the “General” tab, make sure the “Unblock” tickmark is set as in the screenshot.

It still doesn’t work? Please check these methods: 

Nothing happens when I press any Professor Excel button

If nothing happens when you press any button of Professor Excel Tools check the following options:

  • A workbook needs to be open
  • Are add-ins allowed? Therefore Click on ‘File’ –> ‘Options’ –> ‘Trust Center’. Click on ‘Add-ins’ on the left hand side. Make sure that none of the three options is ticket. Click ‘OK’ and restart Excel.

I want to update to a new version but it says that there is no new update available?

For initiating the update please click on About on the right hand side of the Professor Excel ribbon. If the version number (e.g. 1.1) is lower than the current version shown in the update text on this webpage (below), the update should start when you click on “Check for updates”.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll receive a message “No new updates”. In such case, please use the following workaround: Clear the cache of Internet Explorer.

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Open internet options by typing internet options by clicking on the small “gear” symbol in the upper right corner.
  • On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Delete. If you don’t want to clear all files click on “Settings” and then “Show files”. In the new window, search for “ProfExToolsCurrentVersion.htm” and delete it.

Try starting the update again. Please contact us if the problem still persists at

We are working on a solution and in the meantime we apologize for any inconvenience.


License / Versions

What do I get when I buy the full version?

When you buy the full version, you will get a licence key. With this licence key you can unlock the full and unlimited version of Professor Excel Tools.

However, you won’t get access to the underlying source code and VBA macros.

The purchase process is handled via Clicking on the Purchase button will guide you to the site.

I’ve purchased a licence for the full version but didn’t get a new download file

When purchasing a licence for the full version you’ll get a licence key. With this licence key you can unlock the full version. Therefore, go to About within the Info section. Then click on unlock and enter your licence key.

The software is the same as the trial version. Only the trial version expires after 31 days after the first usage. You can redownload the trial version any time and enter your purchased licence key again.

Does your add-in still get updated and does it support the newer versions of office?

Yes, we still update Professor Excel Tools (the history is available when you scroll down). And yes, it works with newer versions of Excel, such as the Office 365 subscription. We are heavy users ourselves so we’ll try to keep it working.

However, we don’t legally guarantee anything. You get the add-in “as-is” and can’t guarantee “eternal support”. That’s mainly because we also rely on Microsoft and their specifications. Also, please make sure to test the trial on your local computer.

So, in a nutshell: Yes, as of now, it should work with the newest versions and we try to keep it that way.

What is the difference between the trial and premium/full version of Professor Excel Tools?

Functionally, there is no difference between the free trial version and the premium / full version of Professor Excel Tools. The trial is fully functional. Actually, it’s the same installer and source file. So, if you’ve downloaded the free trial, there is no other change required once you’ve purchased the full version.

The trial version only works for 7 days. After that you have to enter a license code.

There is, however, one exception: The Professor Excel built-in formulas (such as “=PROFEXSheetName()”) still work in the trial version after it has expired.

One more comment: Please test the trial before purchasing the premium / full version.



My Virus Scanner Detects a Threat. Is “Professor Excel Tools” Dangerous?
Virus report of Professor Excel Tools: 7 out of 57 virus scanners detect a threat.

Summary: No, there is no virus in Professor Excel Tools.

Professor Excel Tools offers a lot of features, some of them require some procedures that might be mistaken to be harmful.


  • The sharing features need to save a temporary file on the hard drive. After sharing, the temporary file is deleted.
  • Or the update function: When you click on “update”, it downloads the new version, installs it and deletes the old version. Some virus scanner mistake that for a “Trojan horse”.

To make it clear: There is no virus in Professor Excel Tools. We have no interest in harming you or your computer in any way. We earn money by selling one-of licenses. That’s it.

The website “VirusTotal” can check files and provide a summary. For Professor Excel Tools, 7 out of 57 virus scanning software might detect a threat. Or in other words: 50 out of 57 virus scanners don’t think Professor Excel Tools is harmful.

Here is the link to the report:

And unfortunately, also “Palo Alto Networks” blocks our file. If you use Palo Alto Networks, only your local administrators can approve Professor Excel Tools.


Support Contact

Basic Support

If you have any question concerning the add-in and need support, please feel free to just reach out (use the contact form here

or the e-mail-address in the order-confirmation). The basic support is free.


Premium Support

Besides that we offer a premium support. You will skip the line and we reply within 24 hours (usually faster). You will have a special contact address to contact us. The pricing starts with USD 4 / month and can be booked here or when purchasing the add-in.










Version History

Version 2.1, release date: Dec 15, 2019


Version 2.0, release date: Mai 26, 2019

New features:





Version 1.9, release date: June 07, 2018



Version 1.8, release date: March 25, 2018



Version 1.7, release date: December 19, 2017



Version 1.6, release date: December 08, 2017




Version 1.5, release date: September 25, 2017

New features:


Please note: We are working on an undo function. This is not supported by VBA and it requires individual approaches for each feature. For some, it works already (you will see that the undo button is highlighted). But because these procedures are rather unstable (especially a “redo” after “undo”) we recommend not relying on it.


Version 1.4, release date: February 25, 2017

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Version 1.3, release date: February 14, 2017

We are excited to announce a major update introducing many new and improved features:

New features:



Version 1.2, release date: June 26, 2016

We are excited to announce a major update introducing many new and improved features:

New features:




Version 1.1, release date: February 23, 2016

New and improved features in version 1.1:


Version 1.0, release date: January 23, 2016

Initial release


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