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    Book “Professor Excel” for your team or group Excel training

    You want to know more about the Excel trainings with Professor Excel? Great! Either contact us with the form above or read our training pages first.

    Get your own Excel add-in

    Do you have any repeating task that needs to be automated? Or you have seen a feature in one of our add-ins that you would like to have slightly changed? We can do the following:

    • Develop your own, individual Excel add-in.
    • Adapt or extend one of our existing add-ins for you.
    • Automate any Excel tasks. Please also contact us if you are not sure which is the right technology or platform for you: We can provide some advice, if Excel (including VBA, PowerQuery, Excel functions) or something like PowerBI would be the best choice for you.

    Contact us here.

    Ask a question concerning Professor Excel Tools or Magic Merge Manager

    Please feel free to contact us for one of our premium Excel add-ins! Scroll here to the contact form.

    Please also see our support pages: Click here for support of Professor Excel Tools and here for Magic Merge Manager.

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    You have booked the premium support? Great, you will skip the line! Also use the premium address you have received in the confirmation email to make sure that it goes directly to the support.

    Contact “Professor Excel” for consulting related topics

    Do you need support with any data related tasks? We can offer anything around these topics:

    • Controlling-related topics
      • Reporting: Define, set up and create recurring reporting
      • Ad-hoc analysis
      • Interim controlling functions
      • Presentation and sparring
    • Business planning (please also see our approach and recommendations for creating great business plans)
      • Driver based business planning
      • Scenario analysis
      • Due diligence support
      • Enterprise value calculation and sensitivity analysis
    • Data manipulation
      • Data- and database analysis
      • Other data manipulation
      • Derive insights from your data for fact based decisions
      • Create dashboards

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