Excel Facts: The Most Interesting Fun Facts for Excel Users!

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software products in the business world. It’s extremely flexible and seems to have a solution to every problem. With more than 1.2 billion users (see Excel fact #4 below), a loooot of people have at least heard of it. So, I have written more than 200 articles about Microsoft Excel with in-depth knowledge – but what about all the curious and odd things I have learned along the way? Here are the best facts about Microsoft Excel. And probably a great way to start a conversation at the next party of financial professionals you are invited to…

Excel Facts

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    1. Microsoft Excel, Professor Excel Research and Google.

      For which one in particular? Most facts you can easily see in Excel yourself. Others have sources in the left bottom corner.

      1. Hi again,
        For instance, one of the facts is about more than 30,000,000 lines of code (which code ? C++, or other ?). Some sources that I found on Internet refer to this number of lines, but this is for entire Office suite, not just for Excel alone, especially because some code is for sure shared between various elements of Office suite. What would be your opinion, then ? Thank you in advance !

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