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Professor Excel is about you!

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Who is Professor Excel? And who is the person behind Professor Excel?

Professor Excel

Professor Excel

Professor Excel is a fictional person with one passion: Microsoft Excel. Born in 1956, he has been using Excel since the first release in 1985. In the past 30 years, he has used nearly every Excel function and formula.

He is devoted to pass on his vast experience and help all future generations to excel in Excel!

The person behind Professor Excel

Henrik, Schiffner, professor, excel
Henrik Schiffner

Henrik Schiffner is a management consultant and software developer. He specializes on data analytics and everything around Microsoft Excel. After his studies of Industrial Engineering and Management he started his career in a strategy consultancy in Hamburg, Germany.

Besides consulting, he develops add-ins for Microsoft Excel, iOS apps and is the responsible person behind Professor Excel.

An interview with him appeared on Finance Strategists. Please follow this link to read to interview.

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    One last (but important) comment: This site is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation in any way.

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