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Are you an Excel expert? Test your Excel knowledge here!

Microsoft claims that more than 1 bn. people use the Office suite. And if you look around – not only in the business world but also for private tasks, Excel is a very important software. So, how well do you know Microsoft Excel? Are you an Excel expert? Test your Excel knowledge with these 12 questions.


Cell References Messed Up? How to Avoid Wrong Cell Links When Sorting in Excel

This problem is very annoying and not very reasonable: When you sort your Excel table, for example using filters, cell references messed up. Instead of linking to a cell in the same row, they suddenly refer to a cell in a different row. The dangerous part: Often, you want immediately notice it – and something like this might happen… Here is the reason and how to fix broken cell references after sorting data.


Correct Wrong Strava and Garmin Results in Excel: Free Tool!

I love doing sports, especially running, but also biking and gym activities. I always record my runs and rides and like to analyze them afterwards in Garmin Connect and Strava. Sometimes, however, the results are obviously wrong. For example, when my heart rate monitor, which is connected to my watch, is running out of battery. In such case, the heart rate simply looks wrong and sometimes even drops down to my resting heart rate – although I’m still moving with the same pace and perceived effort. That’s why I’ve looked for a way to correct the data, especially the heart rate. I have come up with a small Excel tool to correct Strava and Garmin activity data. Let’s take a look.

The best tips and tricks for screen sharing in Excel

Screen Sharing Excel files with Zoom & Co Like A Pro: Easy Tricks!

In times with an increasing amount of remote work, presenting Excel files through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc. seems to be the new normal. I often present day-in day-out my Excel files through screen sharing sessions. Depending on the audience, the task and the status of the file, the presentation should probably look as professional as possible. In this article you’ll find the most important tips and tricks!

Excel opens blank window when double-clicking on file

Excel Opens Blank Window When Double-Clicking On File? Easy Solution!

You try to open an Excel file, but Excel doesn’t open it? Instead, a blank or empty Excel window is shown? This can be very annoying. Especially because it’s often not clear, what has happened. Google searches (to my experience so far) show many results, but nothing seems to be working. Or the steps in other articles are very complex and long. Often there is just a simple reason.

I receive a lot of Excel questions. This one is one of the rather annoying types… but luckily you can check out this easy solution!


Comments to Cells – 3 Methods for Comments and Notes (+Download)

Many Excel users like to use the comment function in Excel. Unfortunately, they come with some disadvantages (displaced, wrong size, hiding content, bad for printing, often outdated, e.g.) so that I usually recommend not to use them. Instead, I recommend using a comment column. This article describes how to transform Excel comments to cells. Extract comment text or note text of an Excel cell with these 3 methods.


How to Prevent Add-Ins to Disappear in Excel.

Excel Add-In Disappeared? 4 Methods to Prevent an Add-In to Disappear

You are using an Excel add-in that keeps disappearing? Also our add-ins, for example Professor Excel Tools, sometimes might disappear after restarting Excel. This article introduces four methods of how to prevent Excel (and other Microsoft Office) add-ins from disappearing.


Count Number of Unique Records in Excel

Count Number of Unique Records in Excel: 5 Methods (+Download)

A common task in Excel is to find out the number of different entries in a list. For example, you have a list of names and want to know, how many different people are listed as some people might be multiple times on the list. This article introduces 5 different methods of counting the number of unique records in a list, regarding two major differences.

  1. You simply want to know the number of unique records. There is no other condition to be considered.
  2. You want to know the number of different entries under one or more conditions.


Return Blank Cells Instead of Zeroes in Excel Formulas

If the return cell in an Excel formula is empty, Excel by default returns 0 instead. For example cell A1 is blank and linked to by another cell. But what if you want to show the exact return value – for empty cells as well as 0 as return values? This article introduces three different options for dealing with empty return values.