Training and Coaching for Microsoft Excel

What does a professional athlete spend most time with? Correct, with training. The goal: Stay in shape and improve. That counts for sports – but why not for your professional knowledge?

We believe that – as long as the results are correct – the way doesn’t matter. For each situation, knowledge level and time frame, solutions might be different. That’s why we offer highly individual trainings or coachings for you – let’s talk about that!


Excel Training

01_IMG_1288Which software do you spend most time with on your computer? For many professionals, it’s Microsoft Excel. And most people know their tasks and steps. But in many cases, there are faster, time saving or even better alternatives. That means: There is a lot of potential of time and stress saving.

As every person is different and has different Excel capabilities, Excel trainings must be highly individual, depending of the knowledge of the participants. Therefore, we always start with detailed briefings and tailor the contents and set-up to your individual needs.

The following points should be defined in order to have the best impact:

  • The size of the group: From single person to larger groups >10 participants, everything is possible. But what is the optimal size for you?
  • What is your daily task in Excel? The training contents should be tailored to support your daily work.
  • What is your knowledge level? E.g. do you know simple formulas, pivot tables or even some VBA?
  • How much time you are willing to spend?

Please contact us, so that we can determine the scope and conditions. Based on that, we will provide you an individual offer.

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Excel Coaching

01_baseball-1488004We also offer an ongoing coaching: The scope and intensity would fully depend on you and your daily tasks.

  • You define the intensity – whenever you feel that you need support, advice or feedback.
  • Basically, everything is possible: sporadically over a long period, remotely or 1:1 – we will define the best option for you.

Please use the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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