How to Work on Several Excel Worksheets Simultaneously

Sometimes you want to do changes to several worksheets at the same time. That requires, that all the worksheets have the same structure. So, how to do that?

Steps for working on several worksheets at the same time

Let’s have a look at how to work on more than one worksheet (the numbers are corresponding with the picture above):

How to Work on Several Worksheets Simultaneously

(0) Be really sure that all worksheets you want to work on have the same structure. For example, the title is always in cell B1, the headline is in cells B2 to D2 and so on.
(1) Select all worksheets you want to work on by pressing Ctrl and clicking on each worksheet.
(2) Do the changes on one of the worksheets. For example start typing text or formulas. 

That way can be useful, if you for example change headline colors or do other small changes. On the other hand, you should be careful, not to accidentally work on several worksheets, for example if they are still selected for printing.

When you’ve got more than one sheet selected, some functions won’t work any more. For example grouping or ungrouping.

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