Professor Excel

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  1. Harold van Bolhuis

    Dear Henrik

    Thank you for the introduction.
    As I really liked your setup with the automatic and manual calculation options I added those to my QAT as well.
    However they are only shown with the green circle used standard for all special commands.
    As they are shown in your example as tick boxes, I downloaded your file and compared it to mine.
    The show exactly the same instruction. Can you tell me how to get those tick boxes? I am using Excel 2016.

    With kind regards,


    • Henrik Schiffner

      Hi Harold,
      I had the same problem. But if I remember correctly, after some updates of Microsoft Office it was gone and instead of those green circle tick boxes, it showed the correct description again. If you click on “File” and “About”, it shows the version number (e.g. “Version 1707”)? Version 1707 should be the latest version as of today.
      Does that help you?
      Best regards,

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