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E-Mail or Save Single Excel Sheets With These Simple Steps!

It is a very common task in Excel: Send single worksheets to a co-worker. Or save and share them with somebody else. How do you do that? In this article you learn two methods, step by step of how to e-mail single (or multiple) worksheets from a larger Excel file by attaching them to an e-mail.

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Sharing in Excel via E-Mail: The Complete Guide

A topic which concerns probably all Excel users: Sharing workbooks and single worksheets via e-mail. Everybody probably has their own steps, but oftentimes there are faster and more convenient ways. In this article we explore the best ways of attaching your workbooks or separate sheets as PDF and Excel files to a new e-mail.

After finishing the work on a workbook, you often want to share it with your colleagues. E-mail is still the most common communication tool. So let’s take a look at how to send your Excel workbook as PDF or XLSX files via e-mail most comfortably and fast.


How to Send a Workbook as PDF Attachment From Excel

Which method do you use for sending an Excel file as a PDF via E-Mail? Go to Home –> Export –> Create PDF/XPS, then choose the folder and press “Publish”? Or do you go to Outlook, create a new E-Mail, search for the PDF file on your hard drive and attach it? There is a much faster way with just one click!