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  1. John

    I thought index-match-match could do all the functions listed above?

    • Henrik Schiffner

      You are right, index-match can do most functions as shown on the table above. But it can’t return a sum of several cells and can’t be used on several search criteria (at least not without further modifications)

  2. Tina

    I have the option of being able to use any of the formula. However, can you advise which one excel processes more easily using less memory or ram. My file is huge, so I’m trying to find alternatives and safe the space without using just values.

  3. ame

    can you help me henrik schiffner?
    i have data below…

    a1 | Cash
    a2 | Cash
    b1 | AP
    c1 | AR

    a1 | 100
    b1 |-100
    a2 | 50
    a1 | 40
    b1 |-90
    c1 | 200

    Cash | 190 (sumif?)
    AP |-190 (sumif?)
    AR | 200 (sumif?)

    how do I populate a ‘sumif’ formula in the result table?
    thanks & regards

  4. Loïc

    hey! what about sumproduct? like
    =sumproduct(RangeValue*(range1=condition 1)*(range2=condition 2)*…). it’s a lot more flexible than sumifs isn’t it?

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