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  1. Peg

    How does sum if work in conjuction with =right?

    When I save a Profit and loss report in pdf format as an excel workbook, it puts words and dollar amounts in one cell. In excel, I use the formula =RIGHT (cell, digits) to copy the last 9 digits (ie the dollar amounts) to the new cell. That way, I have the words (eg Revenue) in first column and dollar amounts (eg $100,000) in the second column. It makes the dollar amounts text, so I have to change the format from text to number.

    When I use =SUMIF to sum various items on the P&L (eg travel meals and entertainment meals), sum if doesn’t recognize the dollar amounts as numbers.

  2. Bob

    In response to Peg, in case anyone else has a similar issue, your problem is that the dollar amount is still a text string, it is not a number. You need to convert it to a number using VALUE(). So the formula “RIGHT(cell, digits)” should be “VALUE(RIGHT(cell, digits)” .

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