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  1. Chris

    Thanks for the tutorial and VBA samples. Do you have any recommendations on speeding up a file during expand all or collapse all on groups? I have a spreadsheet with 835 columns that are grouped in sections of roughly 5-20 columns. I can expand/collapse individual sections without a problem, but when I try to expand all or collapse all it takes forever and the file appears to the user that it is locked up. Any ideas on how to speed it up?

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Umm, usually the VBA code and the add-in are quite fast. Is there any content in the columns to the right of the 835th column? And how many rows are you using?
      Maybe just switching to manual calculation might help?

  2. diane

    i deleted the grouped rows but the space is still there and is blank. I only need the data thats visable how do i copy and past without capturing the grouped rows now with no data?

  3. Nuno

    Hello! Is there any possibility of still keep some rows unhide when pressing ungroup (press +). I do not want to unhide everything…

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