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  1. Santosh Reddy

    This post is really of great use to delete spacing….And I should thank you for This….
    However try considering TRIM option also for deleting spacing at end…..which is of great use

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Hi Santosh, thanks for the comment. I’ve added it as number four.

  2. Dave

    Hello, this is giving me fits. There are several non-blank or non-space characters at the end of the numerical data. The Trim() doesn’t shrink the string and the Text to Columns doesn’t seem to allow for special Chars that must be there. I have far to much data to manually go through and click on the end and backspace back to remove them.

    I have a number let’s say 73095 with possibly 4 or more “Blank” spots at the end which is preventing me from doing calculations on the data. The normal ‘Convert to Number’ option is not available. I have tried TRIM() and CLEAN(), CONCATENATE() nothing seems to remove the trailing blank spaces short of manually clicking in the address bar for the cell and manually removing them.

    Obi Wan – You are our last hope.

    I think it’s the Sith, it is simple yet diabolical in nature.

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