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  1. Bakary N'tji Diallo

    Thank you

    Is there a way to autosave local files?

  2. Jared

    Thank you! The new “feature” never bothered me, I just adjusted my habits around the problem and kept plugging. My boss however…after nearly an hour long lecture on the idiocy of a change I had absolutely no control over, I decided to see if someone had created a useful workaround. Works like a charm, thanks again.

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Sometimes, the update approach of Microsoft is a mystery to me and I keep wondering if they do something like user studies? However, in general I support that they keep innovating. But sometimes I’d like them to keep a little bit the user in mind… 🙂

  3. Simon Robinson

    This did not work for me. I have three computer – two laptops and one desktop. This works on the laptops but not on the desktop. Is it possible that there is another setting that is overriding it?

  4. Liam

    Thank you. This new “feature” has been completely annoying. The last save date was an important piece of information. That was lost after accessing a file.

    I just don’t understand Microsoft. If users haven’t learned to save as they go by now and need this nanny feature, they shouldn’t be anywhere near a computer.

  5. Kent

    This doesnt work as you can still manually click the AutoSave in the title-bar. Far from permanent.

  6. AB

    Forced Autosave For Everybody is one of those features that I can only image came about because they let one of the more Aspie-prone developers run wild. Every time you make a decision for the user, you fail them. Provide options, don’t try and make decisions for users. Because you will invariably find those decisions come from your own blinkered viewpoint. Autosave is a classic example. If you come from the assumption that you’d never want to lose any data you typed, it would make sense. But this article describes the many, many scenarios when that assumption doesn’t hold true. This would baffle the designer of this feature, because they can only see their own point of view to the exclusion of all others.

    Dear developers: if you’re still having trouble understanding what is so annoying about this feature, just imagine that users had a feature to delete your code every time you switched off your PC. Some users want to be able to edit data then abandon what they’ve typed for a safely-saved version. All they’d be doing is applying their needs to your problem. If you don’t click “save”, you obviously didn’t want to keep all that work, did you?

  7. Paul

    This ‘feature’ drives me nuts. I use something called Jet Reports which automatically updates spreadsheet templates with live data from our ERP system, taking into account user-specified parameters. This when mixed with AutoSave and Save As can mean huge problems.

    Say I have a file called “Customer Outstanding Invoices” and have AutoSave off. I “refresh” it for Customer A and Save As “Customer A Outstanding Invoices” – it turns AutoSave on. I then refresh for Customer B but in doing so it overwrites the file “Customer A Outstanding Invoices” with Customer B’s details and data. I then save as Customer B Outstanding Invoices and repeat for Customer C. At the end I’ve lost all info relating to Customer A, and each file I’ve saved actually has details for the next customer with the last customer’s details actually being in two files with different names.

    I hate it! The key DontAutoSave mentioned above has apparently now been deprecated so doesn’t work on newer updates to Office. Instead there’s autosavebydefaultadminchoice but that doesn’t work for me either. I also saw a similar key autosavebydefaultuserchoice but again, that doesn’t seem to work. I give up. I’m moving all my spreadsheets outside of OneDrive and SharePoint. For me AutoSave is not only counter-productive, it’s downright dangerous.

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