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Excel opens blank window when double-clicking on file

Excel Opens Blank Window When Double-Clicking On File? Easy Solution!

You try to open an Excel file, but Excel doesn’t open it? Instead, a blank or empty Excel window is shown? This can be very annoying. Especially because it’s often not clear, what has happened. Google searches (to my experience so far) show many results, but nothing seems to be working. Or the steps in other articles are very complex and long. Often there is just a simple reason.

I receive a lot of Excel questions. This one is one of the rather annoying types… but luckily you can check out this easy solution!


How to Prevent Add-Ins to Disappear in Excel.

Excel Add-In Disappeared? 4 Methods to Prevent an Add-In to Disappear

You are using an Excel add-in that keeps disappearing? Also our add-ins, for example Professor Excel Tools, sometimes might disappear after restarting Excel. This article introduces four methods of how to prevent Excel (and other Microsoft Office) add-ins from disappearing.