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Cell References Messed Up? How to Avoid Wrong Cell Links When Sorting in Excel

This problem is very annoying and not very reasonable: When you sort your Excel table, for example using filters, cell references messed up. Instead of linking to a cell in the same row, they suddenly refer to a cell in a different row. The dangerous part: Often, you want immediately notice it – and something like this might happen… Here is the reason and how to fix broken cell references after sorting data.

Sort Worksheets in your Excel Workbook: 3 Simple Methods.

Sort Excel Sheets: 3 Simple Methods (+Download)

Especially for large Excel workbooks with many sheets it’s crucial to organize the content. You should—for example—sort worksheets in a logic sequence. One way to sort sheets would be in an alphabetical order. This article introduces three simple methods for sorting Excel worksheets.


Sort: How to Sort Data in Excel

There are several ways to sort data: Using filters, Pivot Tables or the built in Sort function. The sort function has the advantage that it’s easy to use and can be modified in detail.