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Cell References Messed Up? How to Avoid Wrong Cell Links When Sorting in Excel

This problem is very annoying and not very reasonable: When you sort your Excel table, for example using filters, cell references messed up. Instead of linking to a cell in the same row, they suddenly refer to a cell in a different row. The dangerous part: Often, you want immediately notice it – and something like this might happen… Here is the reason and how to fix broken cell references after sorting data.


Hyperlink: 3 Ways of How to Extract the Link from an Excel Cell

Sometimes, you copy webpages. Or just a links. Or you receive an Excel sheet with links in it. In such case, you often want to extract the hyperlink addresses from the cells. There are basically just three options for getting the hyperlink address from an Excel cell. […]

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Transpose and Link Data to Source in Excel

When you copy and paste cells in Excel, you can either paste them as links or transpose them. Excel doesn’t allow doing both at the same time. Unfortunately, you often need to link and transpose. But there are three ways for accomplishing this: Doing it manually, using the array formula {=TRANSPOSE()} or Professor Excel Tools. 


Paste Links in Excel instead of values.

How to Paste Links to Source Cells Instead of Values

You finished your calculations and now you are about to present your results? Well built Excel models usually separate the calculations from the results. Therefore “Paste as Link” might be helpful for you, especially when your colleagues should not mess your data source.