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“Copy Again” in Excel: How to Easily “Re-Copy” the Same Cells!

Imagine this scenario: You have copied a range of cells in Excel. Then you type something in a different cell. Excel now “loses” the copied cell range and you have to go back and copy the same cells again. This might sound like a minor issue – when working with larger tables or workbooks it’s often very troublesome: You have to go back, in worst case select the cell again, go to your target sheet and paste it. What, if you could simple copy the same range again? By just pressing a “Copy Again” button?


Comments to Cells – 3 Methods for Comments and Notes (+Download)

Many Excel users like to use the comment function in Excel. Unfortunately, they come with some disadvantages (displaced, wrong size, hiding content, bad for printing, often outdated, e.g.) so that I usually recommend not to use them. Instead, I recommend using a comment column. This article describes how to transform Excel comments to cells. Extract comment text or note text of an Excel cell with these 3 methods.


Copy Exact Formulas: 4 Ways of Preserving the Cell Links in Excel

This problem occurs quite often: Excel always adapts the cell ranges in formulas when copying cells. An example: Cell A1 links to A2. When you copy A1 to B1, the link will change to B2. This example is comparatively simple but there are more complex situations. In this article, we’ll take a look at four methods for copying and pasting the exact formulas in Excel: Two manual ways by using the $-sign or copying the cell contents, the third method by using a simple replace trick and the fourth: the automatic method.

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Transpose and Link Data to Source in Excel

When you copy and paste cells in Excel, you can either paste them as links or transpose them. Excel doesn’t allow doing both at the same time. Unfortunately, you often need to link and transpose. But there are three ways for accomplishing this: Doing it manually, using the array formula {=TRANSPOSE()} or Professor Excel Tools.