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  1. Shozib Javaid

    Sir, Thanks for sharing useful information. I have a question could you please help me.?
    The formula which I am using is =IF(MOD(ROW()-1,4)=0,( TRANSPOSE(A4149:A4151) ),””) , just one thing more, If you please help, The rows which are to be copied in to columns are mostly hyperlinks, but when I applied this formula, it worked perfectly (converted rows to columns with desired interval) but did not copy the hyperlinks as well. How can I tackle this I want hyperlinks to be transposed also.
    Waiting for your response.

  2. Bill Ritzel

    I have a chart pointing to a horizintal row of cells which are linked to a vertical column on another sheet. Each horizontal cell contains the same thing, something like =TRANSPOSE(‘Monthly Data’!$W$3:$W$15)
    I can’t seem to find a combination in the paste special menu to both link and transform the data. Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks in advance.

  3. Curtis

    With the empty cells selected , type this formula: =TRANSPOSE(A1:G6) Since our formula needs to be applied to multiple cells , press Ctrl Shift Enter to make it an …

  4. Claude

    I DL’s the trial but when I try to transpose I get an error box stating:
    “You are trying to link or copy from a workbook which is not open or have renamed the workbook. If you have renamed your workbook, please copy the original cells again.”

    I have a simple 1 sheet workbook open with only 3 lines that I wish to transpose and link data.
    What am I doing wrong?

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