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  1. Bill Young

    I have been using Excel for roughly 20 years. I have a degree in electrical engineering so I can handle pretty much any math needed in Excel. I am doing what is known as loss development. Essentially I need to get the precise number of years between two dates. Precise, even fractionally precise. I figured Excel’s YEARFRAC function did this. It doesn’t. For example =YEARFRAC(“8/1/2011″,”7/31/2012”) and =YEARFRAC(“8/1/2011″,”8/1/2012”) both return precisely 1.00000 as the answer (absolutely identical results, verified using =(A2=B2) where the results of the YEARFRAC formulas are stored in A2 and B2). Frustrating!

  2. Joe

    I had a different calculation problem. I was subtracting a cell that was the calculated sum of expenses from a cell that was the calculated sum of income. Excel gave me a result of $0, even though there was a difference between income and expenses. What fixed the problem was deleting the formula in the calculated expenses cell and then re-entering it. The new formula was exactly the same, so I have no idea why Excel didn’t come up with the right answer the first time. Good thing it was an error that was easy to catch.

  3. MD40

    This was help me to save my time. Thank you for tuto. Cheers.

  4. Sudhir Pani

    When I am using RIGHT or LEFT formula, i am getting incorrect results.
    Below is the example I am getting the error as,

    Ex. in the cell A2 which has a date as 01-Jan-2018
    When I am applying the formula as =RIGHT(A2,4),I should get the result as 2018, however it is showing me as 3209

    I also set the formatting on date, however nothing is working for me.

    Please help


  5. Silvano Rego

    This little calculation gives me an error


    in excel = 40408299984661,50000000000000000000

    in other calculators = 40408299984661,4516607531532324

    How can this be possible?
    help please.


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