Professor Excel

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  1. Bill Young

    I have been using Excel for roughly 20 years. I have a degree in electrical engineering so I can handle pretty much any math needed in Excel. I am doing what is known as loss development. Essentially I need to get the precise number of years between two dates. Precise, even fractionally precise. I figured Excel’s YEARFRAC function did this. It doesn’t. For example =YEARFRAC(“8/1/2011″,”7/31/2012”) and =YEARFRAC(“8/1/2011″,”8/1/2012”) both return precisely 1.00000 as the answer (absolutely identical results, verified using =(A2=B2) where the results of the YEARFRAC formulas are stored in A2 and B2). Frustrating!

  2. Joe

    I had a different calculation problem. I was subtracting a cell that was the calculated sum of expenses from a cell that was the calculated sum of income. Excel gave me a result of $0, even though there was a difference between income and expenses. What fixed the problem was deleting the formula in the calculated expenses cell and then re-entering it. The new formula was exactly the same, so I have no idea why Excel didn’t come up with the right answer the first time. Good thing it was an error that was easy to catch.

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