Professor Excel

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  1. Terry

    Thanks for this information. I had struggled for hours trying to find errant links and finally located them in Conditional Formatting. One of the clues was that when I tried to bread or update the links, they wouldn’t.

  2. Scott

    I’ve been searching for hours… I rarely fill out these comment fields on sites like this… but I’m compelled. This is literally the only tool I’ve found that was able to fix this problem within my project. Major props.

  3. Shankar

    best solution on the subject i found on the web. lives up to the name “Professor Excel”

  4. ganners9

    Brilliant!!! I’ve been searching for ‘zombie’ links but this is first article to suggest Conditional Formatting. Links now found and removed. Many thanks 🙂

  5. Al

    Be sure to unlock the sheet, the break link button will be grayed out otherwise.

  6. N36

    Thanks – very useful article! Finally managed to delete pesky zombie links that have been bugging me for a while.

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