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  1. Sander

    Very nice!

    We work with a system that spits out delimited text-files with Excel formulas.

    The good-old “Text Import Wizard” has a “default” type for columns. When using this type, Excel will interpret formulas in CSV/Text files. As far as I can see, this is not possible with “Get & Transform”. Therefore, to me, the old wizard is way more powerful than the new “Get & Transform” wizard.

    I hope Microsoft will restore the old behaviour in the new wizard before removing the old one permanently.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to import delimited text files containing formulas with the new wizard, I’m all ears.

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Hi Sander,
      Let’s hope, Microsoft doesn’t remove it permanently. But could you send me an example of your import file (just 2-3 rows are enough, please don’t send any confidential data) to me, so that I could try it myself? My address is
      Thanks and best regards,

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