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  1. shahzad

    can you please tell how i can repeat rows in footer on every page
    I have a long excel sheet and i want to repeat the signature area (for me and client) on the bottom of every page, apparently VBA code will be required for this which i dont know anything about.
    please help.

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Hi shahzad,
      Sorry, but I need to clarify: Do you have many worksheets on which you want to insert the signature area simultaneously or do you have one very large worksheet?
      You don’t necessarily need VBA code for that. Select the worksheets you want to add the signature area on, click on “Print Titles” on the “Page Layout” ribbon. Go to the Header/Footer tab and click on “Custom Footer”. Now you can format the footers for all selected worksheets.
      Does that help you?
      Best regards,

      • shahzad

        hi Henrick
        very very thanks for your reply
        but the problem still persists.
        I have 01 sheet, a lengthy one, 4 or 5 pages(some sheets are loner).
        last 3 rows of sheet are for name, signature, date.
        similarly top few rows consist of headers, now i want that when i print, top rows should be printed on top of every page (this can be done by print titles).
        also i want last 3 rows to print on bottom of every page (including formatting) , this i can’t achieve and need your help for this.
        thanks for your time

        • Henrik Schiffner

          Hi shahzad,
          ok, I think I understand now. As far as I know, you could achieve this on two ways:
          1st: You could split the worksheet manually into 5 pages and copy the signature under each of them. This method is not elegant but could work.
          2nd: Try to use the printing footers. If some complex formatting can’t be done there, you also have the opportunity to embed pictures into the footer (at least with recent versions of Excel). If your signature is too complex, try to insert it as a picture.
          Either way, please let me know if you could make it work. If you find another way, I’d of course also be interested to learn it.
          Good luck and best regards,

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