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  1. AMC

    I have somehow managed to add a link in my spreadsheet which is showing on all worksheets. My aim was to show data in a cell on one worksheet from another worksheet on the document, to do this I used the = in the cell, went to the page that I thought it was on and realised it was the wrong worksheet so then tried to move to another, but what I have now in the same cell in each workshop is what looks like a text box which I can’t remove and when I type something it shows in the cell in each worksheet. I can’t clear it down, even using the back arrow to try and go back to before the error. Any suggestions On how to clear this please?

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Hi AMC, not sure what you mean…? Typing =Sheet1!A1 (for example) into a cell should work for linking to that cell?

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