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  1. Dan

    How can I copy the value of cell A1 and paste said value into another cell, using the value of cell B1, to determine the cell location where the value is to be pasted?

  2. Colin Newman

    I’ve got text in a cell (happens to be “b67”) but I want Excel to recognise that as a cell reference, so I can use it in formulae. Indirect will give me the Content of cell B67

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Hi Colin, I’m not sure if I understand the question? Can you give me more information about this example?

  3. Malik

    Can I refer to a cell using a title?

    Meaning that I created a Vlookup function using big data. I have one row that has all the info from that big data. The first cell (A1) I created a listed names of all the accounts, so I can choose with out typing the names. Then I have created a second row named Total. Now I can compare each account with the total. Then, I added a chart to that table. So I can notice the results in the chart. However, now I am stuck, I wanted to name the title of the chart (Total Sales Compared with ” specific name account “.) Can I make the title change the name of an account based on A1? Meaning if A1 = Account blah. In the title will be (Total Sales Compared with “Account blah”.) if I change A1 to Account blah 2, the title change as well?

    I wish my question is clear. Thank you.

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Hi Malik,
      If I understand your question correctly: yes, you can. You want to base a chart title on a cell content, right?
      Just click on the title, then into the formula bar and type =A1. The chart title then shows the value of cell A1.
      Best regards,

      • Malik

        Thank you so much for your help Henrik, I really appreciate it.

        • Henrik Schiffner

          Hi Malik,
          Thanks, I appreciate the “thank you”!
          Have a great day,

    • Henrik Schiffner

      One more comment: I’ve updated the article with an example of how to use INDIRECT with named ranges… (although I think you won’t need it for your example…)

  4. Rene

    Let say the value of A1 is a word “sum”. Can I use indirect(A1) to as a function sum? Ex: indirect(A1)(A2:A4)

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