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Save as PDF or Excel File: The Complete Guide

Admittedly, it sounds like a basic topic: Saving Excel files. But besides saving complete workbooks, there are a lot of potential improvements and methods for saving time. How do you for example save a workbook as a PDF file? Or how do you export single worksheets? Everybody probably has their own steps, but oftentimes there are faster and more convenient ways. In this article we explore the best and fastest ways of saving your workbooks or separate sheets as PDF files or Excel files to your hard drive.


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Sharing in Excel via E-Mail: The Complete Guide

A topic which concerns probably all Excel users: Share workbooks and single worksheets via e-mail. Everybody probably has their own steps, but oftentimes there are faster and more convenient ways. In this article we explore the best ways of attaching your workbooks or separate sheets as PDF and Excel files to a new e-mail.

After finishing the work on a workbook, you often want to share it with your colleagues. E-mail is still the most common communication tool. So let’s take a look at how to send your Excel workbook as PDF or XLSX files via e-mail most comfortably and fast.


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Fun in Excel: 5 Ways of Fun with Spreadsheets

Fun in ExcelLet’s have some fun in Excel! You probably do your work with spreadsheets, but there are also ways of having fun in Excel. In this article, we introduce you to 5 fun applications for Microsoft Excel. 


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Finalize Your Excel Workbook: The Complete Checklist

Before sending out an Excel workbook, there are several things you should check: Are the contents correct? Can you print the workbook? How are the structure and formatting of the worksheets? Are the workbook properties all right? With this article, you’ll get a checklist of the things you should consider when you finalize a workbook. Probably not all items on these lists are applicable for any workbook.


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Avoid Errors in Excel: 6 Strategies to Prevent Mistakes

In our last article, we have seen the 5 biggest fails in Excel. But instead of laughing about these mistake, we should rather talk about how to find and avoid errors. In this article, we’re taking a look at 6 methods of how to prevent errors in your spreadsheet.


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Mistakes in Excel: The 5 Biggest Spreadsheet Fails

These people probably have their worst days ever: They made fatal errors in their spreadsheets. But they are not alone: According to a study88% of all spreadsheets have errors. The reason – of course – is that every Excel file is created by a person – and people make mistakes.

The larger an Excel model gets, the more opportunities for mistakes exist. Many errors don’t really matter as they are not having an impact on the final results. But there are others which are quite serious. Let’s have a look at the 5 biggest Excel fails.


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7 Simple Tricks to Make An Excel Workbook Look Professional

Creating Excel workbooks is often a long process: Setting up the structure, importing inputs, conducting the calculations and eventually tidying it up and sharing it. So once you are done organizing the contents, you have to make sure that the contents are delivered and received well. Therefore it’s crucial that the workbook shows a certain level of professionalism. In this article, we’ll explore 7 simple tricks for making your Excel workbook look professional.


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Wrong Calculations – Why Does Excel Show a Wrong Result?

Excel calculates wrong. Yes, in some cases, Excel will return wrong results. You don’t believe me? Then type the following formula into an empty Excel cell: =1*(0.5-0.4-0.1). The result should be 0. But what does Excel show?  -2,77556E-17. This is just a simple example, but when it comes to larger Excel models it can be quite annoying. Especially if you want to compare the result – let’s say you want to check the result with an IF-formula if it equals 0. So what is the reason for these obviously wrong calculations and how to solve it?


How to Work on Several Worksheets Simultaneously

Sometimes you want to do changes to several worksheets at the same time. That requires, that all the worksheets have the same structure. So, how to do that?

How to Avoid Data Loss by Setting a Shorter AutoRecover Period

Probably every Excel user has experienced the following situation: You’ve just finished editing in Excel and during the saving process, Excel crashed. You can’t avoid Excel crashing completely, but you can make sure that the latest possible version of the workbook is saved. Excel provides a AutoRecover function, which saves your Excel table periodically.