Professor Excel

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  1. Upendra Thakkar

    How to keep formula instead of value in formula bar inspite of using + sign in formula?
    Becase i want to use only + sign in formula

  2. Ann

    My macros create formulas by finding the best values in a worksheet then tacking them on with “+” and a multiplier variable. So all these formulas start with “=+”, which I observed, as you did, makes very little difference.

  3. Jay

    I doubt anyone bats an eye at the “+” sign, let along judge a user’s level of expertise by it

    • Henrik Schiffner

      Hi Jay,
      Thanks for the comment. I suppose many people don’t… well, as I said, that’s what I feel about it when I see it in Excel files. I’ve seen a lot of Excel files so far and – it might be a stereotype from my side – but it used to proof true to me.
      Best regards,

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