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  1. Brian

    Deleting the names from the embedded file worked like a charm! Many thanks.

  2. David

    Is there a way (VBA or manually) add ranges in bulk from the XML file? For example, I would like to add references to over 30 individual cells (imported data source with monthly data) without having to go through the cumbersome process of finding and highlighting each one every time. My UI automatically opens the worksheet and does not let me simply type in the data. If I could just cut and paste text into an XML file it would be easier to bulk update/name ranges.

  3. Ron S

    Is there some way to identify UNUSED names? With the intention of selectively deleting them We may identify some unused names we want to keep..

  4. Kerry

    thank you for this post as it has helped with removing thousands of Named Ranges that existed in a report from my client.
    The problem is they keep sending us these reports that have all these hidden named ranges and links but they also have thousands and thousands of styles that the reports drag along with them.
    I have a macro for removing the styles but I have to run it on every file after opening one of their reports. Is there a similar way (to the above for named ranges) to get rid of all the hidden styles permanently?
    It is causing havoc with my Excel.
    Many thanks

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