How to Use the Format Painter in Excel

Which step do you spend the most time, when you create an Excel model? Typing formulas and checking results, or rather setting the format, e.g. selecting borders, backgrounds, fonts, font sizes, font styles and even row and column heights and width? Formatting an Excel table can take a large amount of time, but “Format Painter” can greatly reduce the time you needed.

How to Send a Workbook as PDF Attachment From Excel

Which method do you use for sending an Excel file as a PDF via E-Mail? Go to Home –> Export –> Create PDF/XPS, then choose the folder and press “Publish”? Or do you go to Outlook, create a new E-Mail, search for the PDF file on your hard drive and attach it? There is a much faster way with just one click!

How to Compare Two Lists in Excel

Let’s assume, we have the following (although realistic) challenge: We got two lists which should have the same items in Excel. But they aren’t exactly the same so that we need to compare them. But how do we find out the best way, which items are missing in either one of the lists? Instead of… Continue reading How to Compare Two Lists in Excel

How to Unhide All Hidden & ‘Very Hidden’ Excel Sheets at Once

Unhiding hidden worksheets in Excel was for a long time troublesome, especially if there were many hidden worksheets in your workbook. Fortunately, Microsoft has just released a new feature in Office 365 (now: “Microsoft 365) for unhiding multiple sheets at once. So far, so good. But what, if you want to unhide “very hidden” sheets?… Continue reading How to Unhide All Hidden & ‘Very Hidden’ Excel Sheets at Once