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Hide the Gridlines in Excel: 5 Easy Methods

The light grey gridlines are quite useful. They provide a quick impression of the rows and columns of your Excel worksheet. But once you want to create your final layout, they look annoying. Your worksheet looks more professional with hidden gridlines.

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Hide Zero Values in Excel: 3 Simple Methods

There are many reasons why you might want to hide zero values in Excel. For example when working with cell links, Excel shows a 0 even if the source cell is blank. Or because it might look more professional. Whatever reason you have, there are different methods for hiding zero values. Depending on the scope (for example one worksheet or just selected cells), different methods are most suitable. In this article we explore 3 methods of hiding zero values in Excel and compare them.


Unhide all rows and columns at once in Excel.

Unhide All Rows or Columns in Excel at the Same Time

Many people love the “Hide” function for hiding rows or columns, as it is very easy to use:

VERY HIDDEN: How to Hide an Excel Sheet.

Very Hidden: How to Hide Worksheets or Set Them to ‘Very Hidden’

There are many worksheets in your workbook, which are old but you are afraid to delete them?