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Features overview

Professor Excel Tools offer a variety of features, divided into five groups:

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Features in detail

Copy & Paste

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Excel has already extended pasting possibilities. However, those pasting options (found in Paste Special) have some shortcoming, even in the most recent versions of Excel:

  • With ‘Paste as Link and Transpose’ you can link and transpose your pasted data to the source data
  • With ’Paste Exact Formula’ you can paste a cell or a range of cells without changing their references. For example, your formula in cell A1 links to A2. If you copy and paste it with the normal copy and paste function in Excel to B1, the link will automatically be adapted to B2. Using Professor Excels ‘Paste Exact Formula’ function prevents this – your cell reference will still link to cell A1
  • ‘Paste Table Into One Column’ offers three options for pasting a table underneath each other. A reason could be to make your data “pivotable”:
    • Keep original references: If you have formulas within your data, their cell references will persist
    • Paste as values: All formulas will be replaced by their values
    • Link to source: Instead of values or formulas, simple links to original cells will be pasted

Quick Cell Functions

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The quick cell functions support with features which can be applied very fast – without skipping through long menus.

  • ‘Formula’: Professor Excel Tools provides a lot of useful formulas which Excel doesn’t have:
    • PROFEXBackgroundColor: Returns the RGB values of the background color from the selected cell
    • PROFEXColumn: Returns the column letter (not number) of the selected cell
    • PROFEXFileName: Returns the filename of the selected cell‘s workbook
    • PROFEXFontColor: Returns the RGB values of the font color from the selected cell
    • PROFEXHyperlinkAddress: Returns the hyperlink address of the selected cell
    • PROFEXIndentLevel: Returns the indent level of the selected cell
    • PROFEXMaxIf: Returns the maximum from a cell range under a condition in another range 
    • PROFEXMinIf: Returns the maximum from a cell range under a condition in another range 
    • PROFEXSheetName: Returns the sheet name of a selected cell
    • PROFEXWeekdayName: Returns the weekday name in English of a date
  • Swap two cells: Quickly exchange two cells. You can define within the settings, if existing cell links should adapt as well or not.
  • Easily wrap the ‘IFERROR’ formula around your existing formula on all selected cells. If your formula is already wrapped in an IFERROR formula, the existing IFERROR formula will be updated
  • Easily wrap the ‘ROUND’, ROUNDUP or ROUNDDOWN formula around your existing formula on all selected cells
  • ‘Delete Last Letter if Blank’: If the last character of a text cell is a space, it‘ll be deleted. This is especially useful if your data is not consistent for example if VLOOKUPs etc. don’t work
  • ‘Force to Number’: Sometimes, Excel won‘t apply a number format although a cell value is a number. ‘Force Cell Format to Number’ is especially strong as it
    • removes all blank characters
    • tries switching points and commas
    • removes possible thousands separators
  • ‘Remove conditional formatting’: You want to remove the conditional formatting rules but keep the format? No problem, select the cells and click the “Remove Cond. Formatting” button.
  • The ‘Quick Number Format’ button applies a number format to all selected cells. You can define your preferred number format within the settings:
    • Do you wish to add thousands separators?
    • Do you want to hide zero values?
    • How many decimals do you want to show?
    • Do you want to display the number in thousands, millions or billions?
    • Do you wish to add some custom text before or after the value?
  • Thousands: Display all selected cell values in thousands with just one click.
  • Millions: Display all selected cell values in millions with just one click. 
  • New: Add your favorite ‘Heading Format’ to heading cells with just one click. You can change the format within the settings.
  • New: Add your favorite ‘Content Format’ to content cells with just one click. The formatting of values (e.g. number, date) won’t be affected. You can change the format within the settings.
  • New: Clean formulas. You don’t like messy, long formulas? Remove the own sheet name or all ‘=+’ in the beginning of the formula.

Workbook Tools

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Workbook Tools solve a variety of tasks as adding a table of contents or colors or more exotic functionalities as merging files or listing complete directories.

  • ‘Table of Contents’: Professor Excel offers a feature to insert a new worksheet called ‘TableOfContents’ which contains a list of all worksheets. You can define the headline color, the headline font color as well as the following specifications for the list of sheets:
    • Do you wish to add links to each worksheet?
    • If you got groups of sheets, for example all Inputs and have separator sheets (‘Inputs–>’ e.g.), Professor Excel can identify them and highlight those sheets in the table of contents.
    • Furthermore, do you want to get a list entry for the table of contents itself?
  • ‘Table of Colors’: Besides a table of contents, you can add a table of color keys
  • ‘Calculate Selection’: If you are working with large Excel workbooks and even the manual calculation takes too much time you’ll love this function as it only calculate the selected cell range
  • ‘Refresh Status Bar’: Professor Excel can show the most important specification of the current workbook in the status bar. Within the settings, you can define what information you want to display in the status bar:
    • Filename
    • Date & time last saved
    • Last saved by
    • Number of hidden and very hidden worksheets
    • Filesize
  • Name Manager‘: The existing name manager doesn’t show all the names of your workbook? Use the Professor Excel ‘Name Manager’.
  • ‘Headers and Footers’: Professor Excel provides the functionality to only change the headers and footers for printing worksheets (all other printing preferences will be left untouched). The last settings will be saved, so that you can reapply them comfortably.
  • ‘Merge Files’: Professor Excel copies all worksheets from all selected workbooks into the active workbook.
  • ‘Compare Worksheets’ compares two worksheets (for example original and update) and points out all changes. You can define how the differences should be highlighted.
  • ‘Get Directory’ creates a list of all files within a folder and subfolders. You can select the information shown in the list:
    • File name, optionally with a link to the file
    • File path
    • Date and time last saved
    • Date and time created
    • File size
    • File type
  • ‘Break Links’ is a powerful function for breaking links to other workbooks. It can remove the following type of links:
    • Break workbook links
    • Data validation rules
    • Data connections
    • Pivot Tables
    • Conditional formatting
    • Named ranges
    • Hyperlinks
  • ‘Remove PROFEX from Workbook‘ offers the possibility to remove all PROFEX formulas and replace the cells by their calculated values.

Display and Layout Tools

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Within the display option you can define how your workbook should look. Comfortably hide or unhide columns, rows, sheets (even “very hidden” sheets), gridlines or format the fonts. Professor Excel Tools can also sort the worksheets by name or group them by their tab color.

  • Hidden Rows and Columns: Hide or unhide rows and columns on several sheets or the complete workbook at once, no matter if rows and columns are hidden or grouped. Set a grouping level or expand/collapse grouping or set it to the minimum or maximum level.
  • Unhide Sheets: Professor Excel Tools provides an easy method of unhide all hidden and very hidden worksheets.
  • ‘Font Manager’ can change the font in your whole workbook or selected sheets to a single font type (Arial e.g.). The font size can also be changed. Of course both font options it can be left untouched as well.
  • ‘Layout Manager’ comfortably adapts a layout to either all worksheets, selected worksheet or the current worksheet only. It can define the following layout options:
    • Gridlines: Show, hide or change the color.
    • Zoom: Select a zoom factor.
    • Page break preview: Switch between page break preview and normal view.
    • Formulas: Show formulas instead of the resulting values.
    • Zero values: Show or hide all zero values. 
    • Grouping directions of rows and columns.
  • ‘Sort Sheets’ can sort the sheets by their name or group them by their tab color. You can choose if you want to sort all worksheets within the active workbook or just selected worksheets.


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Oftentimes, Excel files unnecessary large. Professor Excel Tools help you to compress Excel files. A core feature of Professor Excel Tools are the sharing options: There are 12 buttons offering “one-click-solutions” for sharing and saving with different formats.

  • ‘Reduce File Size’ goes through all worksheets (or optionally just the current worksheet) and clears all unused cells by the following pattern:
    • Professor Excel Tools will walk from the bottom of each worksheet to the top until it reaches the first row with contents. Then it’ll delete the area below
    • Next, Professor Excel Tools will walk from the right of each worksheet to the left until it reaches the first column with contents. Then it’ll delete the area on the right hand side.
    • Pictures will be compressed and cropped areas will be deleted. Alternatively, you can delete all pictures in the current workbook.
  • ‘Export Manager’: Change one variable from a list and let Excel export it or create copies.
  • Share: Comfortably attach the selected sheets to an E-Mail or save them on your computer. In total, there are 12 buttons for sharing:
    • Attach to an E-Mail or save to folder.
    • Only use selected sheets or the complete workbook.
    • Attach/ save as PDF or XLSX file.


System requirements

Professor Excel Tools runs on the following systems:

  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Microsoft Office 2007 and later

Excel on a Mac computer is not supported. The Add-In is built on standard Excel VBA libraries. It only works if Excel Add-Ins are allowed (settings can be changed within the Trust Center). Please use the free trial version for checking if Professor Excel Tools runs on your computer.



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11-15 USD: 35.99
16-20 USD: 33.99
21-30 USD: 31.99
31-50 USD: 29.99
51-100 USD: 27.99
From 101 USD: 23.99

Please check the order page for the final prices. Also prices in your currency will be shown there.

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